Top 10 Characters Who Have Beaten Batman
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Batman is tough, well-trained, and always prepared, but on more than one occasion, certain characters have managed to take him down. Batman rarely stays down, but these are the most historic moments where villains have managed to get the upper hand on the Caped Crusader. These are the characters who somehow managed to beat Batman.

List Rank and Entries
#10: Talon
#9: The Predator
#8: The Mutant Leader
#7: Darkseid
#6: Deathstroke
#5: Ra’s al Ghul
#4: Jason Todd
#3, #2, #1: ?

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  1. I love good movies no matter its marvel, dc, or anything else, if it’s good then it’s good, I feel bad for kids who can’t allow themselves to enjoy everything and force themselves to pick marvel only or dc only or whatever ????? pathetic

  2. Isn’t there at least some debate that Jason won because Batman didn’t want to fight him

  3. Talon didn’t beat him batman it was just a close fight so he didn’t loose although talon could’ve killed him. Gotta say though that was the fucking best batman fight ever Court of owls is my favourite batman story I think. Also Jason Todd didn’t rlly win they both fought to a stand still. I’d say Gotham and Wonder Woman should be in the list instead cuz like they actually won and Todd and talon didn’t.

    • Uh… Did you read the story? Talon stole Batman’s utility belt, drove him to the edge of his sanity, and Batman only escaped within an inch of his life due to pure circumstance. Soon after, he panicked at the mere sight of a Talon. That’s nowhere near being a “close fight”. The Court of Owls broke him.

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