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Thanos? Pfsh. Galactus has destroyed so many more characters than Thanos could ever dream of. Here we have a list of Top 10 Characters Galactus Has Destroyed. The biggest boy to ever eat a planet, Galactus has proven that no one should take him lightly. He’s destroyed the likes of Odin, Thanos, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, and MORE! Which one of these 10 Characters That Galactus Has Destroyed shocked you the most?

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  1. Mr. or Mrs. WatchMoJo, I do love watching your videos. THE ALLFATHER ODIN may have not had the best showing against GALACTUS, but he did better than most and a prime ODIN would have faired better and may have even defeated him with a lil help.
    don’t disregard ODIN and his powers, bcuz next time you do, he might send an unheard of Herald of his…
    CAELAN ERIKSON to make you realize how powerful
    “The Man From The North” is. Jk. Love the video
    watch your back

  2. We need fully feed Galactus in the MCU. We also need a fully powered Silver Surfer to demonstrate to the first Avenger who is truly on the of the Marvels food chain.

  3. I just love the fact that darkseid fought him and let him beat him just to prove that his planet can’t support life just to prove that darkseid is the ultimate evil

  4. Odin isn’t considered Galactus equal, nor did Galactus destroy him. Galactus didn’t destroy the FF. Your title is sooooo inaccurate

  5. Well galactus didn’t really obliterate thanos. Not to mention thanos didn’t want to kill galactus

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