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Top 10 Celebs Who Look Exactly Like Historical Figures
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Haven’t we seen you in a textbook somewhere? Ever noticed that Mark Zuckerberg bears an eerie resemblance to King Philip IV, or that Tommy Lee Jones is President Andrew Johnson’s lookalike? WatchMojo is counting down the stars who resemble historical figures.

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#10. Mark Zuckerberg
#9. Stephen Fry
#8. Christopher Walken
#7. Tommy Lee Jones
#6. George Carlin
#5. Bruce Willis
#4. Alec Baldwin
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Carrie Anne Moss, who played Trinity from The Matrix, looks a little bit like Florence Nightingale. If Hollywood makes a movie about her, she can play the role.

  2. #2, Rupert Grint, was not terribly similar in terms of facial structure. I would have replaced with Keanu Reeves and his doppelganger.

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