Top 10 Celebrities Who Hate Being Famous
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Maybe it’s not all glitz and glamor after all! Turns out Sia, Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson are just a few of the celebs who are not fond of the spotlight. WatchMojo is counting down the stars who don’t like being famous.

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#10. Zach Galifianakis
#9. Sia
#8. Marilyn Monroe
#7. Emma Watson
#6. Daniel DayLewis
#5. Shia LaBeouf
#4. Robert Pattinson
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Michelle Pfeiffer once said she takes very little money for acting but a great deal of money for being a public personality.

  2. Welp, while its certainly better to get stinking rich without fame, it’s one of the few avenues that doesn’t require you to be born into it, take long shot gambles with one’s own welfare, or cut any throats. Every form of refuge has its price.

  3. This is the exact opposite for me. I plan to enter the film industry (as a director, actor, & screenwriter) and a normal life is the last thing I’d want

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