Top 10 Bizarre Mental Disorders

Have you suddenly started speaking in an accent that doesn’t belong to you? Or maybe you’e taken to walking on all fours?

If so you might have developed one of the more bizarre mental discarders out there. Watch the clip to discover more!

10 Weird Facts About Dreams –

Music= Actual Factual by Lincoln Grounds and Richard Rayner

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  1. Many of those disorders are part of the dissociative disorders. Some are most definitely mind control programming such as through hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming.

  2. 1. Close minded syndrome – being too stupid to understand that people are different and you cant tell them who they are and how to live their lives 🙂 hello we liv in 21st century

  3. wrong, idts. no such thing as high or not, highx can be inferiox, cept u, be/can be any no matter what and any can be perfx

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