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Top 10 Microsoft Fails

When you are at the top, there is only one way to go… From gaming mishaps to trying to bring new tech hybrids to the market, this WatchMojo list ranks Microsoft’s top 10 failures. Watch this video to learn more about Microsoft’s faux-pas!

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Top 10 Embarrassing Xbox Fails:
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10. Xbox 360’s ‘Red Ring of Death’
9. DOS 4.0
8. ‘I’m a PC’ Campaign
7. Racist Tay
6. Internet Explorer 6
5. Microsoft Bob
4. Kinect

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  1. No Xbox One reveal or that time their OS blue screened during a conference when they were showing it to the public for the first time?

  2. Anything MS going near enterprise level infrastructures is a catastrophe waiting to happen. There are much better alternatives, especially for production and infosec. Word, Excel and games – that’s about all MS is good at – though I do like Excel.

  3. How does Windows ME only get a passing mention (not even an honorable one) when Windows 8 tops the list? You could at least get Windows 8 off your computer without losing everything on it.

  4. The only console that they’ve released that didn’t have major problems was their first =/ lol. What went wrong?

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