Whoa, we didn’t see that coming. Welcome to Watchmojo, and today we are looking at the craziest, biggest and most shocking “Game of Thrones” twists. Whether its a unexpected murder, or like, 40 murders, these are the best twists this epic show had to offer. What was your favorite “Game of Thrones” twist? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I would have loved to see Dany’s army turn against her, and then dealing with her, after realizing just how crazy and homicidal she was. But in order to do that without being burned alive by Drogon, they would have to either kill the dragon or subdue him in some way. Still, I think it would have been awesome if she realized that she had lost all of the support that she had gained. Either way, I’m glad she paid for her crimes.

    No mention of Doran Martell’s murder?

  2. Lists need to start excluding the red wedding under the grounds of it always being #1. Red wedding was the biggest shock twist, the most iconic death scene and the most depressing moment of GoT, and it will always be ranked #2. Because of that, maybe lists should start saying “red wedding being so obvious, we are leaving it out to honor other moments as well”

  3. it all happened in the series finale

    10. bronn is master of coin
    09. drogon can critically think like a human
    08. arya became a plot armor where vengeance doesn’t kill the bearer
    07. sansa survived
    06. bran the broken, the 1st of his- im not even gonna finish it.
    05. prisoner tyrion basically selected the next king and ended up becoming his hand
    03. jaime’s character assassination
    02. daenrys’ character assassination
    01. aegon targary- i mean, jon’s character assassination

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