Sometimes sequels suck. Join Ashley as he counts down shows that just didn’t live up to their originals be it from poor animation, terrible storylines, or lackluster follow-ups. Sometimes anime takes incredible manga and just adapts it poorly…So you can expect disasters like Berserk, Psycho-Pass 2, One-Punch Man Season Two, to appear along the way.

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#10. “Medabots Spirits” (2000-01)
#9. “Tokyo Ghoul Root A” (2015)
#8. “Black Butler II” (2010)
#7. “Darker than Black Gemini of the Meteor” (2009)
#6. “Eureka Seven AO” (2012)
#5. “Soul Eater Not!” (2014)
#4. “FLCL Progressive” (2018)
#3. ???
#2. ???
#1. ???

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  1. I actually did enjoy Psycho Pass 2, but Inspector Shimotsuki really annoyed me. I liked the rest of the characters though.

  2. #1 – Pokemon Sun and Moon
    So shit is that they made Ash win his second tournament (I know, I know Orange Islands does not count so?) So that we would have compassion with the poor bastard.

  3. “Hunter X Hunter” The Reboot Not The Original (2011-14)
    “Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood” (2009-10)

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