The popular film franchise has several differences between it’s movies and characters and the comic book series on which it was based. WatchMojo presents the top 10 biggest differences between the X-Men Comics and Movies. But what will take the top spot on our list? Is it Mystique and Magneto spending way too much time as good guys, the differences in the team roster for the original X-Men, or the films choosing to make Wolverine and Sabertooth brothers?

00:34 #10. Wolverine Wasn’t the One Sent Back in Time
01:21 #9. Professor. X Was Not Paralyzed by a Bullet
02:00 #8. The XMen are Considered Superheroes in the Comics
02:49 #7. The Phoenix Came from Space
03:31 #6. Wolverine’s Height
04:08 #5. The Costume Design
05:00 #4. Everything About Rogue
05:43 #3, #2, #1 ????

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  1. Mo Jo got it wrong the xmen finally got the costumes right at the end of Apocalypse.

  2. the inconsistency of Logan and Sabertooth being brothers can actually be over looked in the original film: Logan has no memories before being shot in the head by Stryker’s adimantium bullet, and Sabertooth’s mutation has made him more animal than human, therefore going off of instincts rather than memory.

  3. The X men series on Fox does not follow the comics AT FUCKING ALL. When storms white hair came from apocalypse in the kovies, i damn neared cursed on the theatres. She was born with White hair, the only origins they got right were Wolverine. mystique is evil and has always been evil. Who ever directed these movies needs to be replaced or the rights meed to return back to fox.

  4. By the way Wolverine wouldn’t recognize sabortooth because in Xmen Orgins (the movie that introduced them as brothers) at the end wolverine got shoot in the head which made him lose his memory of his past life.

  5. X-Men is the one comic series I really followed closely, as such I can’t bring myself to enjoy any of the movies at all, they mangle the plot and themes way too much. Didn’t even finish Apocalypse, just walked out of the theatre. Everyone’s raving about Logan, but given the movies are batting 0-8, doubt I’ll bother

  6. Storm was born with white hair and became a goddess of N’dare. she wasn’t given white hair from Apocalypse.

  7. Just Wolverine?

    Many fictional characters (based on official body weights given by the creators) have some serious overweight issues.

  8. No spoilers for those that have seen Logan
    I really hope when they redo X-Men they get it right this time maybe not at 100% but solid 80 or possibly 90 would be OK. Here are a few notes
    1. Actually put Jubilee on the team not the bullshit they did in Apocalypse
    2. Have a good actress who is willing to commit to the mystique make-up like when you first started the naked thing I can take or leave
    3. Maybe just go with New Mutants or X-Force stories because the timeline is so… Well to quote to quote the 10th doctor: “wibbly wobbly”
    4. Skip the hiding part and let the X-Men be heroes without trouble automatically coming to them

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