An MVP of Game of Thrones since Season 1, it’s time to look back at the all-time greatest Tyrion moments. We’ll be looking at the best scenes involving Tyrion Lannister. These scenes can either be funny, inspirational, tragic, or just downright badass – as long as it left an impact in some way, it will be included. WatchMojo ranks the most memorable Tyrion moments. What’s your favorite Tyrion moment? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hands down the best character in the books & series. And Peter Dinklage is a phenomenal talent.

  2. My favorite Tyrion moment is during the battle of the blackwater when he chops off the guys leg

  3. Of course I loved his disciplining of Joffrey, defending and overall good treatment of Sansa and his cleverness in general!

  4. My favorite Tyrion moment is when he’s at the Eyrie wrongly accused of murdering Lord Arryn and of trying to murder Bran Stark, and he starts to confess all his actual wrongdoings including masturbating onto her sisters turtle soup.

    The point is, I really couldn’t see a way for him to escape certain death but he did due to his cleverness and a bit if bribery.

  5. I thought his nomination of Bran made poetic and Mythological sense! It’s true that stories and history are what brings people together and there is truly nothing like a good story. Bran by this
    Point possesses a wisdom that is beyond them all and his disinterest in power makes him all the more the best choice.

  6. I love almost every Tyrion’s moments in season 2 : getting rid of Slynt and Pycelle, threatening Lancel and making him his spy, Opposing Joffrey and Cersei, the battle of the blackwater etc.
    And he’s denied recognition not only by Joffrey, but especially by Tywin who previously named him king’s hand, telling him that he is his son (manipulating his feelings just to use him while he was in trouble at war)

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