That’s Mister Beast to you! For this list, we’ll be looking at the funniest, most creative and heartwarming videos on this popular YouTube channel, from Fortnite videos, to donating insane amounts of money, to giant Monopoly, this famous YouTube channel is filled with amazing content. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 MrBeast Videos.

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10. “Last To Remove Hand, Wins House Challenge”
9. “Surprising TFue With A Fortnite Battle Bus In Real Life”
8. “World’s Hottest Substance Vs Coldest Substance”
7. “I Ubered Random People In A Tank”
6. “Last Youtuber To Leave Wins $100,000 Challenge”
5. “Giant Monopoly Game With Real Money”
4. “I Donated $50,000 To Ninja Fortnite”

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  1. crazy how i saw him when he just had a few hundred subs talkin about how much pewdiepie makes… DREAMS DO COME TRUU PPL

  2. I cant believe the youtuber battle royale wasnt on there. I thought it was a pretty cool video, especially with the winners being the animators.

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