Top 10 Best Moments from Venom (2018)
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Finally we got a Venom movie that fans could really sink their teeth into! After the disastrous Spider-Man 3, Tom Hardy and co. finally brought Eddie Brock to the big screen in a way that was satisfying for all!

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List rank and entries:
10. Like a Turd in the Wind
9. Venom Reveals That He’s a Loser
8. Venom Survives
7. Eddie’s “Adjustment Period”
6. The First Suit Up
5. Venom Goes to Lunch!
4. The Carnage Reveal
3. Venom vs the SWAT Team
2. The Motorcycle Chase
1. Freaking Out and Fighting Henchmen

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    • I watched the movie in cinema twice (first with my neighbours and their colleagues one week after the film premiered, second time with my mother in the last night it was available in theaters). The motorcycle chase scene was my mother’s favorite part. And as for my favorite parts… definitely the ones when Venom first suits up and the SWAT team fight.

  2. 5:08 This scene is even better when you realize that the lobster tank was there for decoration. Tom Hardy improvised and decided without the cast or director’s knowledge to jump in the tank and bite into a fake lobster X3

  3. I still have not seen yet but when I get it on DVD or Blu-ray it is going to be awesome can’t wait for the Venom movie

  4. Don’t you guys find it very ironic that Tom Hardy has played two of the greatest villains of Batman and Spider-Man

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