It’s their idiosyncrasies that make them memorable! For this list, we’re looking at expressions, mannerisms, and actions that actors are well-known for using on screen – from Owen Wilson’s “wows” and Jeff Goldblum’s “ums” to Nicolas Cage just straight up freaking out! Which actor do YOU think has the most iconic acting trademark? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I think RDJ has a knack for playing characters with weird beards.. I heard that he has played that in over 10 films

  2. Missed the mark on the “trademarks” in general. Also left out Matthew McCoanaughey and Dennis Hopper. To state a “trait” that is a “trademark” is a difficult task. Most of them are a squint or gleam, etc. Love WatchMojo, but maybe don’t tackle something that can’t be pinpointed.

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