Top 10 Beloved Actors You Didn’t Know Had Died
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Unfortunately, the list of deceased celebrities just keeps getting longer. But there are any actors you didn’t know were dead. Whether it’s a child actor like Jonathan Brandis committing suicide, 1960’s counterculture icon Dennis Hopper suffering from cancer or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Uncle Phil James Avery dying due to complication with open-heart surgery, there are many beloved actors whose deaths were completely off your radar. WatchMojo counts down ten celebrities who died and you didn’t notice.

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01:08 #10. Jonathan Brandis
02:03 #9. Michael Clarke Duncan
03:13 #8. Bernie Mac
04:17 #7. Brad Renfro
05:22 #6. Dennis Hopper
06:15 #5. James Avery
07:06 #4. The Cast of the Original “Poltergeist” Trilogy (1982-88)
08:17 #3, #2 & #1???

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  1. bad list. Most of those were common knowledge. And yet no mention of the
    voice of Scrooge Mccduck Alan Young

  2. Whenever I watch a Robin Williams movie, sometimes it feels like he’s so
    alive onscreen, I forget that he’s dead…

  3. I lolve how you name this vid “Top 10 Beloved Actors You Didn’t Know Had
    Died” then proceed to call the Poltergeist curse as one of the most well
    known curses out there.

  4. how did people NOT know Bernie Mac died. he and Issac Hayes died within a
    day of each other after both starred in soul men.

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