Top 10 Banned Pokémon Episodes
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Even the tamest of children’s anime can sometimes cause major controversy. For this video we’re looking at over 1000 episode of Pocket Monsters to see which ones were either taken off air, blocked in certain countries, or even caused health problems for its viewers. Some of these never aired in America so prepare to be surprised Ash’s adventures!

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#10. “Rocketdan VS Plasmadan!”
#9. An Undersea Place to Call Home
#8. Shaking Island Battle! Barboach VS Whiscash!
#7. Challenge of the Samurai
#6. Tentacool & Tentacruel
#5. The Jynx Episodes
#4. Satoshi and Nagetukesaru! Touchdown of Friendship!
#3. The Legend of Miniryu
#2. Beauty and the Beach
#1. Electric Soldier Porygon

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  1. Which of these episodes did you want to watch the most?
    I remember being confused as hell about the whole Tauros thing when I was a kid…

    As always, lemme know here or on Twitter @Ashjbow !

    • Originally the episodes were run out of order in the US, so I was always confused.
      “When did Ash get a Charmander??”
      “Oh, it’s a Charizard now!”
      “Hey… where’d it go?”

    • Same I was always thinking that I missed the episode and was wondering why I never saw it in a rerun.

    • Same here! I was like “Did I miss an episode somehow?” and found out the actual reason and became pissed. They could’ve done the Yugi-oh treatment of guns.

  2. Remove the porygon episode and you can have a new list.

    9 Times Pokemon was afraid of offending someone over nothing

  3. So the porygon thing was bad for what it did to people but beneficial as jp’s govt learned from it/quickly changed to avoid it happening regarding all anime?…heh(scratching head)

  4. I remember hearing rumors that “Legend of Dratini” and “Electric Soldier Porygon” were dubbed into English. Since they were banned for obvious reasons (instead of airing in prime-time where there’s little issue with censorship with an 8 PM showing), they’re probably sitting dust somewhere in NYC.

  5. Just because we’re living in 2019 doesn’t mean morality changes. Transgenderism is a sin.

  6. With guns in “Legend of Dratini” I thought to myself “How could the Japanese writers be such idiots?”.

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