Top 10 Banned Capital Punishments
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There are some gruesome capital punishment methods that were banned: Whether it’s something as famous as crucifixion, or something horrible like being boiled to death or lingchi – where small pieces of your body are sliced off a bit at a time, these are definitely some of the most gruesome methods of execution in history and some of the worst ways to die. WatchMojo counts down ten methods of administering the death penalty that have been prohibited around the world.

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00:41 #10: Lingchi
01:29 #9: Crucifixion
02:13 #8: Premature Burial [aka Live Burial]
02:59 #7: Pressing [aka Crushing]
03:47 #6: Boiled to Death
04:35 #5: Sawing
05:19 #4: Drawing & Quartering [aka Dismemberment]
06:10 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  1. If done in a swift strike, I would consider beheading more morally correct than lethal injection. Both executions are painless but lethal injection has had many cases of prisoners who were in agony because the lethal operation got botched. Now I’m gonna wait and let the hate flood in

  2. Islam still uses crucifixion, live burial, beheadings, stoning and hanging as punishment til this day.

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