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We are CURRENTLY LIVE STREAMING FROM NEW YORK CITY!! WOW! CHECK OUT THE STREAM HERE: These games were almost perfect…almost. These are the levels, sections, parts & areas in classic video games that almost spoiled the whole experience; the parts many would have been glad to do without. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Bad Levels in Great Games.

00:24 #10. The Lost Pilgrimage
01:05 #9. Lost Sanctum
01:53 #8. Fairplay
02:36 #7. Atlantica
03:20 #6. Chapter 13
04:07 #5. Final Section
04:53 #4. The Library
05:32 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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  1. You kidding me with 1? I beat that with 1 try (By doing a test run, THEN grabbing the bombs)

  2. I’m really digging the background music. Don’t think I’ve heard it on any of this channel’s lists…


  4. I agree with kh2. I hated the tutorials in both 1 and 2, but the fact you have to do the singing if you want the ultimate wepon is so annoying that I leave it til the very last moment. I also agree with FFxv chapter 13 was so annoying since I felt that I spent the entire game getting the best fear and wepons, then it’s all removed when you have to solo. I would add ecort quests in nearly every game that has escort quests. Some are ok, when whoever I’m escorting can fight with me, even if I do more damage, they aren’t completely defenseless and don’t die if hit one time.

  5. I love how everyone complained about the controls of Atlantica in KH1, they said screw it, and made it a music rhythm world. XD

  6. How can you do a list like this and not mention Battletoads? Despite the consensus being that the Turbo Tunnel is the worst, I have particular contempt for the Rat Race level.

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