Top 10 Awesome Gadgets from CES 2018 – Gear UP^
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The annual Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, is held every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. And every year, the year’s most interesting gadgets are unveiled there. Whether it’s something like the world’s first modular 146-inch TV by Samsung (called “The Wall”), the LG InstaView ThinQ fridge or Sony’s robot dog Aibo, there were many innovative products at CES 2018. WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to count down the ten coolest gadgets at CES 2018.

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#1: “The Wall”
#2: Lenovo’s Mirage Solo VR Headset
#3: ASUS NovaGo
#4: JBL LINK View
#5: Toyota’s e-Palette Concept
#6: OrCam MyEye 2.0
#7: Sony’s Aibo
#8: ForwardX CX-1 Smart Suitcase
#9: LG InstaView ThinQ Fridge
#10: Play Impossible Gameball

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  1. CES was mostly a dud this year. No real Innovations lots of repeat old tech. Maybe the one bright spot being Nvidia gaming TV.

    Other then that the whole driverless car thing is a gimmick. Not to mention full of security issues no one seems to want to talk to about.

    Tv’s were the biggest disappointment really. OLED is a wasted technology until they fix the burn-in problem. Vive saying it has better resolution now.

    Seems that they’re just announcing this so they don’t look like they’re sitting on their asses. Which they basically are at this point. You guys didn’t miss much! :/

  2. So, what is the difference between the first and second edition of the glasses? The features such as face recognition and OCR is already on the first version

  3. There’s already fridges out there that do all of that ! Seriously look it up! I think the only unique thing that it has is the Amazon Alexa Connectivity

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