Top 10 Assassinations in History – Best of WatchMojo
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These voices were silenced before their time. From Martin Luther King Jr., to John F. Kennedy, to Malcolm X, WatchMojo counts down ten assassinations in history.

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  1. We published this back in 2015 and a lot of you had strong opinions about Lennon’s placement and felt Franz Ferdinand should be higher. What would your rank look like?

    • Reinhard Heydrich, the architect of the Holocaust and the only high-ranking Nazi to be assassinated, ought to be on this list. His assassination was historically more significant than, say, John Lennon’s.

    • Hmmmm lemme think

      The assassination that caused the whole world to go to war
      A talented singer who got shot.

      Very hard decision

    • Top 10 Assassinations in History, wtf change the title to 10 Worst Assassinations in History. Don’t promote violence.

  2. Top 10 Assassinations in History

    Best of WatchMojo AKA watch our old videos again

    *closes video*

  3. Anyone click on the video too see if the Julias Caesar was on the list cause off Assassins Creed Origins ?

  4. I feel like the title of this video is a little inappropriate because getting assassinated is not a good thing, but great video overall

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