Top 10 Arrowverse Crossover Episodes
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The best part of having a bunch of superhero shows that exist in the same universe is seeing them team up, or just kick back and let their hair down. The Arrowverse has brought us some incredibly memorable, epic, and fun crossover episodes and moments, and this list will count em’ down in anticipation of the return of all these great shows.

List Rank and Entries
#10: “Duet” – “The Flash” (2014-)
#9: “Legends of Today” & “Legends of Yesterday” – “The Flash” (2014-) & “Arrow” (2012-)
#8: The Show Itself – “Legends of Tomorrow” (2016-)
#7: “Haunted” – “Arrow” (2012-)
#6: “Taken” – “Arrow” (2012-)
#5: “Paradox” – “The Flash (2014-)
#4: “All Star Team Up” – “The Flash” (2014-)
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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  1. I like the DCEU, but I love the Arrowverse. I remember watching one of the Crisis on Earth X promos, and when one of the group shots came up I thought “They are the real Justice League!”

  2. My favorite was the scientist well it started it all and it was a good episode in general and made me want to watch the flash for when it was going to come out

  3. Crisis on earth x beat the shit out of invasion when it came to crossovers in the arrowverse that’s just my opinion though

  4. Crisis on Earth-X is easily number 1. Legends of Tomorrow really isn’t a crossover. It’s its own show.

  5. I’m guessing this list was set up, or at least the video was done before Crisis on Earth X aired, because that was really good.

  6. What about Crisis on Earth-X? Because of the date the video was posted at, I really thought this crossover would be on this list…

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