Top 10 Aquaman (2018) Moments
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The DCEU has had a rough ride so far, but with the great Aquaman and the upcoming Shazam, it seems like they’re on the right track! Jason Momoa’s new flick has its fair share of great moments, including an incredible final battle, Arthur vs. Black Manta and Atlanna: Warrior Queen! What are your favorite moments from Aquaman?

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List rank and entries:
10. Arriving in the Sahara Desert
9. Arthur’s Parents Meet
8. The Trench Attack
7. Atlanna Warrior Queen
6. Submarine Showdown
5. The Ring of Fire
4. Arthur vs. Black Manta
3, 2 & 1. ?

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  1. My favorite moment had to be the outro/ending speech/monologue. It perfectly wrapped up the movie. Plus throw in the music/score and what we get to see visually during the speech/monologue.

  2. At first and for a while I thought this was an OK/pretty good movie, but after seeing this I am reminded how awesome and excellent this movie is and maybe worth seeing again. Hope the Shazam movie will be pretty good. Doubt it will be great as the Aquaman movie, but still be pretty fun and worth seeing. I hope once enough of these EXCELLENT DC movies are made, they have a better Justice League movie then the one we got…

  3. This movie is as trash as it gets….but it’s the kind of fun and kickass trash that people love – which is why the movie has made tons and tons of money. 💖🤑

  4. Great list but you forgot the scene in with during the chase in Italy that we watch on of the red armor solder chase the red who’s name I can’t remember and we see it from his point of view


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