We had some reservations about these casting choices… but in the end they were surprisingly good! If your pick isn’t on this list be sure to check out our original video! . Who else do YOU think should be on this list? Leave your picks in the comments!

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  1. Having the audacity to mention white washing in the hunger games, when the little mermaid is going to be black.

    • Harrison Ford definitely belonged on this list but not for Han Solo; he belonged on this list for his performance as Jack Ryan in patriot games.

  2. Elijah wood was pretty well known prior to lord of the rings. The good son, radio flyer, north, even that small part in back to the future part 2, were among his credits. Also, RDJ was the perfect casting not just for marvel but for himself. Couldn’t be happier for the man and how things turned for him

  3. John Travula was great in Pulp Fiction, but James Gandolfini was apparently Tarantino’s second option and an infinitely better actor.

    And let’s not forget that both Heath Ledger as the Joker and Daniel Craig as James Bond were heavily criticized choices until their movies were released.

  4. RDJ was born to play Tony Stark/ Iron Man
    Hugh Jackman was born to play Wolverine
    Dafne Keen was born to play X23
    Chris Pratt was born to play Star-Lord
    Scarlett Johansson was born to play Black Widow
    Patrick Stewart was born to play Professor X
    Ian McKellen was born to play Magneto
    Do I need to go on? Or do you get the picture?

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