Top 10 Anime That Should Definitely be Rebooted!

These shows need to follow the manga better. They’re not always the worst but anime studios should remake the series to ensure they are as amazing as the source material. In this video we’re looking at shows like Rosario + Vampire, Fate/Stay Night, Tokyo Ghoul, Umineko (When they Cry), Chaos;Head, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Black Cat, Bokurano, Tsukihime, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and many more! Countdown with us and let us know what the worst anime adaptation was in your books.

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00:55 #10. “Rurouni Kenshin” (199698)
01:44 #9. “The Flowers of Evil” (2013)
02:27 #8. “Zetman” (2012)
03:13 #7. “Gantz” (2004)
04:00 #6. “Soul Eater” (200809)
04:46 #5. “Akame ga Kill” (2014)
05:26 #4. “Bleach” (200412)
06:02 #3, #2, #1: ????

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  1. Rosario + Vampire, Akame Ga Kill, and Sousei no Onmyouji need remakes.

    – The story line for R+V was taken apart like a jigsaw puzzle and put back
    together in the wrong order, you don’t even meet half of the girls before
    the first big issue for Tsukune appears.

    – After the first 20 episodes of Sousei no Onmyouji, everything is filler,
    the only thing the filler has to do with the original story is the
    characters used in it, and even on the 20th episode they leave out one of
    the biggest plot points in the whole series.

    – As far as I’m concerned for Akame ga Kill, is that they should of waited
    for the whole series to end before making an anime of the series, they
    skipped an arc for the series and most of what happens to the main
    characters of Night Raid .

  2. akame ga kill was like oh you liked this character well too bad they gonna
    die in the next episode

  3. Baka to test, and when the light novel has more content, Hyouka…..i could
    go on like a certain magical Index Season 3 and a certain scientific
    Railgun season 3. And Scientic Acellerator…..god damn there is a lot of
    series that i wish got another season….

  4. Where the hell is Hunter X Hunter?! That is one of the best anime’s ever
    created and still has more material to use.

  5. Am I the only one who didn’t like Soul Eater. I watched 5 episodes and got
    bored of it pretty quickly.

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