Top 10 Anime Slugfests
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Get ready to see animated fists fly. We’ll be looking at epic anime fights and battles from shows like My Hero Academia, Ben-To, Shoot fighter Tekken, UQ Holder, Baki, Megalo Box, Birdy The Mighty: Decode: 02, Toradora, Cowboy Bebop The Movie, Gurren Lagann The Movie: The Lights in the Sky are Stars, and more. This video is going to contain some of the most brutal brawls in anime history!

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10. Sen vs. Ayame
9. Kiibo vs. Samon
8. Touta vs. Kaito
7. Speck vs. Hanayama
6. Joe vs. Aragaki
5. Birdy vs. Nataru
4. Taiga vs. Kano
3. Spike vs. Vincent
2. Simon vs. Anti-Spiral
1. Midoriya vs. Bakugo

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  1. WHAT. No Itachi vs Sasuke? That shit was Genjitsu awesomeness. In fact many of the Naruto fights were fantastic and belong on this list. The Pain vs Jiraiya fight was also pretty good and pretty much anytime Kakashi gets involved you knew some shit was going down.

  2. that moment you scroll through the comments and after a few minutes of straight scrolling you dont see any mention of kenichi the mightiest disciple, dude straight channels every single one of his masters in that final fight…

  3. How did not a single fight from Hajimee No Ippo not make the list i’m kind of sad but great and amazing video

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