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For the upcoming sequel to the science fiction masterpiece, these are the facts that you need to know about Blade Runner 2049! WatchMojo presents everything that you should know about the upcoming movie! Finding the director, the ties to the original, and the truth about Deckard and the replicants! Watch to find out!

#10. Rick Deckard Human or Replicant?
#9. David Bowie Was Eyed for a Role
#8. Jared Leto Filmed His Scenes in Two Weeks
#7. Which Version Is Canon?
#6. It’s Got an Oscar Caliber Cast and Crew
#5. Development Began in 1999
#4. Denis Villeneuve’s Last SciFi Film Was an Oscar Favorite
#3, #2, #1 ?

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  1. I went into the cinema with high expectations, and yet, by the end, my mind was blown more than I could have imagined.

  2. should’ve researched better, johan johansson (4:25) pulled out from this project & replaced by Hans Zimmer which is another amazing composer who already won an oscar

  3. Oh Denis was worthy enough…more than that… He gave us sth so wonderful that will stay forever in our minds and hearts…

  4. Loved the original and liked this one but it felt too long and I don’t mind long movies but this was just too long

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