Top 10 Amazing Facts About Pikachu
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Before you get started on your Pokemon Let’s Go adventure, why not educate yourself on your favourite electric mouse Pocket Monster Mascot? From Pokemon Card Game prices to his many anime adventures and video games, there’s no shortage of things Ash’s little buddy has been involved in. So lets relive his best battles and moments in history with this countdown!

#10. Ash’s Pikachu is Named Jean-Luc in the Manga
#9. A City in Kansas Was Renamed Topikachu
#8. Pikachurin Was Named After Pikachu
#7. Pikachu is a Combination of Japanese Words
#6. Male and Female Pikachu are Different
#5. Pikachu Was On a Specialty Niue Dollar Coin
#4. Pikachu Has Been on Over 100 Different Pokémon Cards
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. Fact 11: In the Pokemon Adventure Manga, Red’s Pikachu “Pika” and Yellow’s Pikachu “Chuchu” have a baby together, a Pichu named “Pibu” as a member of Gold’s Pokemon team.

  2. The only/main reason why the picked Pikachu to be the mascot of Pokemon, is because originally with Clefairy, they thought that it would only attract a female based audience. THATS why they decided to with Pikachu instead, because Pikachu attracts both the female AND male audience, which is what the Pokemon Company wanted in the first place!!!!!!!

  3. Fact: Pikachu was chosen as a better mascot than Clefairy because of gender neutral design

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