Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Are you ready for another journey across the globe, fellow Archivists? For our next stop, we’re going to a place that covers 3.7 million square-miles (9.6 million square-km) of the Earth and boasts the largest registered population at 1.4 billion people. China is a fascinating land filled with so many intriguing tidbits that it was quite the renwu (yen-woo) to narrow down a list of only the top ten amazing facts about the Red Dragon.

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  1. YOU THINK that SPORTS in China is a joke… that Chinese Communist Party Peoples aren’t serious about sport Ping Pang. Let me tell you they are DEADLY serious. I’m actually shaking right neow. I suffer PTSD bcuz of what happened to me along the Dang River…. I was hustling Ping Pong down in Ding Dang. I got caught… they shoved a Ping Pong paddle up my ass… and no, not the handle in first… the paddle went straight up my… put it this way, I was shitting pancakes for a week.

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