Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! We’re back on the road again, crossing the exotic lands of South America for a stop off in Bolivia to see exactly why over one million people visit these exotic lands every year! So, fry up your salchipapa and grab a glass of mocochinchi as we explore this multi-ethnic and diversified country with these ten amazing facts about Bolivia!

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10. Cuisine of Bolivia
9. World records
8. Famous Bolivians
7. Stunning Sights
6. Sacred Lake Titicaca
5. Sports of Bolivia
4. Bolivians and Nature
3. Bolivia’s festivals
2. Bolivia’s Battle for Independence
1. The Naming of “Bolivia”


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  1. We hoped you liked Bolivia!! Let us know some other interesting facts you know about the country! Also, where should we visit NEXT!?

  2. Wow! I’ll go to Bolivia in my next trip!! (y’know if someday I can actually afford to do so and make time for is as well, Why must life be SOOO busy! perhaps one day I’ll win the lottery to buy more free time and of course, the trip itself! ah, yes… I shall wait for that day!)

    Aside from my rambling up there, I very much enjoyed this vid, Thanks much, T10A! ^^b

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