Top 10 Amazing Drive-In Movie Theaters in the US
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You’re not just watching a film… you’re living an experience. From Ford-Wyoming Drive-In, to Becky’s Drive-In, to the Field of Dreams Drive-In Theater, these unique spots will bring you back to a different era in cinema.

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#10. FordWyoming DriveIn
#9. Becky’s DriveIn
#8. Field of Dreams DriveIn Theater
#7. Wellfleet DriveIn Theatre
#6. Mesa DriveIn
#5. Route 6DriveIn Theatre
#4. Bengies DriveIn Theater
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Love the Drive-In. I always went to the Mustang Drive-In when growing up near Picton, Ontario. So much nostalgia for it.

  2. The last drive in movie I saw was terminator 2 judgement day . the one by my house closed years ago

  3. Mojo really sucks. What about the biggest drive in theater in the country is in Ft Lauderdale The Swap Shop with over 10 screens. Wake up and do your research. Fake news!

  4. Will there be any more drive-in movie theaters in the United States that will open in 2018?

  5. Used to love the drive-in theaters here in So Cal; most are closed now because of all the gang violence. I remember seeing Who Framed Roger Rabbit at a drive-in most vividly.

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