Top 10 Actors With Only One Good Movie
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It’s possible they just need better agents. From Hayden Christensen, to Cuba Gooding Jr., to Marlon Wayans, these actors could stand to be more discerning with their role choices. WatchMojo counts down the top actors with only one good movie.

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List rank and entries:

#10. Hayden Christensen
#9. Andrew Dice Clay
#8. Tom Arnold
#7. Cuba Gooding Jr.
#6. Brendan Fraser
#5. Marlon Wayans
#4. Linda Blair
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. Cuba Gooding Jr. was in Boyz n’ The Hood, Men of Honor, and As Good It Gets. All three were good movies. What are you talking about?!!

  2. Cuba Gooding and Brendan Fraser shouldn’t be in the list. They had a few roles not just one movie.

  3. I came here just to call you guys out for saying BoysNTheHood is not a good movie. Extract from your comment, now!

  4. Why do people keep on confusing ‘good’ movie with ‘critically acclaimed’ movie? In truth, who really cares what the critics thinks? What really matters is what the viewers think.

  5. Absolutely no way Cuba Gooding Jr and Brendon Frazer should be on this list. They are a couple of big hollywood stars each with many highly successful films. How could they not mention “what dreams may come” with Cuba in it? And Frazer’s first mummy movie was a massive hit.

  6. This list is made by lost white people.. How the hell is Cuba on this list… These people need to be fired..

  7. Wow Cuba Gooding Jr., Marlon Wayans, and Tyler Perry only made good movies that starred white casts that’s pretty racist. I didn’t know Boyz N The Hood was a bad movie.

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