Tom Holland LEAKS News of Spider-Man: Homecoming TRILOGY – The CineFiles Ep. 25 // Subscribe: //
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Castings, spinoffs and trilogies! Those are the themes at the heart of this week’s blockbuster episode! The New X-Men: Dark Phoenix project has gotten the ball rolling and are already close to casting A-lister Jessica Chastain as the villain Lilandra. James Wan continues to grow his Conjuring universe with yet another creepy spinoff, this time focused on the tall and slender ghoul, The Crooked Man from The Conjuring 2. And finally, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man Tom Holland let slip that a new Trilogy is being planned. So sit back, relax and enjoy WatchMojo’s The CineFiles, as we count down our picks for the biggest cinema news of the week!

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  1. 3 spiderman movie should have deadpool and have deadpool comment on how he cant cuss now bcuz its pg-13

  2. There won’t be Homecoming 3, after Sony sees how much money Marvel will made with Spider-man they will want to do that too

  3. I thought that Jennifer Lawrence didn’t want to play Mystique anymore, Which is why she appeared as Raven Darkholme more than Mystique in the last movie

  4. 1. The Spiderman and the Homecoming
    2. 2 Spiderman 2 Homecoming
    3. The Spiderman and the Homecoming: Tokyo Drift
    4. Spiderman and Homecoming
    5. Spiderman 5
    6. Spiderman and Homecoming 6
    7. Homecoming 7
    8. Fate of the Spiderman

  5. ok guys, if sony decide that one day, they no longer want Spider-Man to be part of the MCU, we should all boycott watching any further Spider-Man movies made by sony..and for the upcoming Venom movie if they still decide that it not having connection to the MCU or the Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, we should seriously seriously boycott watching it..

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