The Tragic Real-Life Story of the Hart Family
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Pro Wrestling’s famous Canadians, The Hart Family, have seen major success across the globe in companies like WWE (WWF), NJPW, WCW, and of course, Stampede Wrestling in Calgary. But their story has not always been one of joy, in fact they’ve faced a large number of hardships throughout their lives from the death of Owen Hart to the infamous Montreal Screwjob that was plotted against Bret Hart by Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels. This video will take a look at one of the greatest assets in professional wrestling history, The Harts, highlighting their monumental highs and heartbreaking lows.

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  1. Roddy Piper did a shoot promo on TNA calling out Vince Russo for killing Owen Hart. Pretty crazy because I thought it was a work, but latter Vince Russo confirmed it on Stone Cold’s podcast and he said it was a shoot.

  2. Put Owen, Hart foundation (team), British bulldogs (team) and Davey boy Smith in the WWE HOF NOW VINCE.

  3. Hello mojo!! I was wondering how you use movie footage and or books, Tv shows, in your channel without copyright issues( I would like to make my own channel but I don’t want to get in trouble)

  4. You look at all these men, they have muscles, they are strong and now all either in really really bad shape or gone… Show you the Wrestling destroys a lot more then your body. You have to take care of yourself from eating good, drinking good and living good.

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