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Harvey Weinstein’s scandal gets more and more intense, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has dropped a new trailer that has the internet buzzing, and Blade Runner 2049 is not living up to box office expectations! WatchMojo presents the CineFiles, where we’re going to cover all these stories you need to know about Hollywood and the movie scene!

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  1. Look that audio is fucked up but i couldnt help but laugh when she says “ but you touched my BREEST”

  2. What scandal? There is no scandal. These stupid females went along with the bad boy as long as he could help their careers. Females are drawn to bad boys like him like moths to a flame and then when the bad boys live up to their name they whine and cry mistreatment. I am not a bad boy but a good man and have been constantly rejected by stupid little girls who favor bad boys. After so many years of seeing females make obviously poor choices I have given up and now laugh at all of the broads who have (too late) come to their senses yet blame the bad boy for their poor decisions while good men are left in the dust. Let them whine, let them cry. Let them make accusations that only show their own poor choices. They have brought all of this on themselves. They deserve this.

  3. You know what sucks about this weinstein thing is if some of these woman would have come forward years ago they would have prevented more women from becoming victims I think what he did was disgusting and he should be punished appropriately but st the same time these woman just know coming forward should feel ashamed of themselves because of them not coming forward it allowed more people to become victims in this sick man’s little world not to mention these woman who just now came forward didn’t seem to have a problem continuing to work with and for this man and I don’t want to hear oh they didn’t want to deal with being an outcast because you know what they could have easily never worked with this man and his company again but most still did after being sexually assaulted and indirectly contributed to more people being sex u all exploited by this creep

  4. Lefties protected him for 3 decades, this is just the top of Hollywood sexual abuse of men women children.
    People just ignore evil if they can get millions, and then virtual signal how good and progressive they are.

  5. Hollywood actresses sure sold out their feminist sisters. No talent just sexual favors hahaha. #BurnItDown

  6. Tbh
    I didn’t like Blade Runner 1 as I found it incredibly pretentious and unnecessarily violent (I’m unfortunately quite screamish) but love Sci-fi so I like the idea of new one but I can’t deal with graphic violence as I literally have a strong physical response to it, like my mind fully immerses itself in a simulation of the pain I see on screen…can’t help it except when it happens to a bad guy for a justifiable reason or is shot in such a way as to ease audience into it.

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