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Jackie Chan is back with a new action-packed thriller! Welcome to Mojo @ The Movies! Check out our review of The Foreigner starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan! We’re listing our top 5 takeaways from this explosive new movie right here!

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  1. i can see you are not a jackie chan fan and that you dont watch the legend’s movie, ‘jackie chan can act’…..what the hell you are talking about, dude thats insulting. you almost make me unsubscribe WatchMojo. there are so many movies where jackie chan has shown his versatility and most of them are better acted than todays so called great actors.

  2. I read that title thinking you were going to foreign countries and trying out different takeaway food joints ?

  3. The notion that Jackie Chan hasn’t played serious roles or hasn’t done serious acting outside of his slapstick stuff is only for people who haven’t watched his movies. Chan’s been doing serious stuff for years on and off and the guy’s got some keen acting skills under his belt. Don’t know why the guy in the vid didn’t bring up some of his serious stuff, rumble in the bronx, heart of a dragon, new police story or (even though I didn’t like the movie on the whole) his serious take on Mr. Miyagi in the karate kid remake. He stole the show in that movie. He has a long list of stuff that’s not slap-stick and to shove him into a typecast shows that the reviewer here obviously doesn’t have a solid grasp on Chan’s films at all.


  4. I think I’ll like this movie. I got that R2-D2 toy in the background for Christmas when I was a kid =/.

  5. American style of filming action, seeing the movement but not the hit, is one of the most garbage ways to film

  6. It’s not a return to action numb nuts, he’s been in China. And he’s been acting his ass off for years. America first saw it in Karate kid and china has seen him acting for years

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