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We asked Jurassic World’s resident paleontologist Brian Switek to answer the internet’s T. rex questions! Was T. rex bulletproof? What’s the deal with the teeny tiny arms?! Join us on Dino Search as dinosaur expert Brian Switek sets us straight on Jurassic Park and Jurassic World’s most iconic dinosaur! Got your own questions about T. rex? Let us know in the comments!

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    • Sorry about that, I just feel we more carnivores to see other than Trex. In fact, can you make a top ten dinosaur movies that don’t have Trex?

  1. With my expansive knowledge of MMA from joining a UFC Gym one week ago and doing 1 hour of karate lessons, you can easily survive a T-Rex attack by simply putting it in a headlock and throwing it over your shoulder. Due to its massive difference in size to you, it should be easy to shift it’s center of gravity since yours is smaller and closer to the ground. Therefore if you die, you probably just suck. Surviving the attack should be easy.

  2. When watch mojo does a video about t rex only.. we all know they don’t have any video ideas anymore

  3. Wdym humans can only run 8mph ????? usain bolt can run 28 mph. So if your a particularly fast human you could easily out run a T-rex

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