Superhero Origins: Domino
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Domino is very, very lucky. That’s kind of her thing. Making her big screen debut in Deadpool 2, this long-running character in the X-Men universe has been a staple of the comics and will surely become a household name.

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  1. bad move with thumb nail… showing blackwashed domino instead of the real domino character

  2. OK fine let’s talk movie portrayal. Comic Domino is pale grey (some artists made this pure white) from being laboratory bred with the black tattoo over her eye branding her from the lab – so her origin is essentially altered by giving her a natural mutation rather than the brand and unnatural lab tones.

    Her name never came from dominoes or the spot over her eye. She says she named herself Domino because “everything seems to fall into place for [her]” – a reference to her luck not her looks.

    In the film they stayed true to her personality, the strong will, no nonsense, witty, easy going, badass. Her costume was also very reminiscent of the outfit in one of her solo series. Her powers were played just right, and I’d like to see what else they do with that.

    It irks me slightly that they made the visual changes BUT she’s true to the character which matters more to me. And I will continue to cosplay her comic look as I have for nearly 10 years now. (Yes I wore it to the film haha!)

  3. She is my absolute favourite character of all time. I love her to pieces. Glad you got the important details in 😉

    If people want some good stories with Domino then the classic X Force series and her 2 solo series ventures are a great start, but for something more modern her role in Messiah War and her short series with Wolverine “Sex and Violence” are top notch.

    I mean tbh Sex and Violence is the quintessential Domino. Her humour, her heart, her badass skills, and her flirtatious nature. Wolverine’s face when she takes her top off is priceless too haha!

    Another couple of random facts, she is scared of chickens and once landed in a swimming pool filled with pancakes.

  4. Sighs. It’s not acceptable when a white person does it so it shouldn’t be acceptable for domino or starfire. Just add actual black characters. I’m actually upset tons of black characters are getting ignored from the comics

  5. Really hate it when they make white characters black. Not as bad as making Scandinavian Gods black at least

  6. Of course they had to Diversity Wash the character just to cater to the SJW’s. If this was done to a “person of color” character the film couldn’t even find distrubution.

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