On the first day of Star Wars Celebration 2019, the first teaser for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker was released. Even though it’s very short, it’s jam-packed with details, easter eggs, hints, and other things that reveal to us what the plot might look like. We breakdown these details and come up with our own Star Wars theories. When did Rey fix Anakin’s lightsaber? Is that Kylo Ren? Are Poe, Finn, and others on Jedha? And by the Force was that PALPATINE LAUGHING? What do you think is gonna happen in the last episode of the Skywalker Saga?

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    • You guys didn’t catch it, that star destroyer had a red strip down the length of it. It’s Republic, not Imperial. But it’s an old imperial-1 or 2 class. Stupendous Wave might be right, they’re going to bring back a lot of vehicles from all the previous movies for this last hoorah.

    • +Master ChiefCarlos Yeah, I guess you’re right. I just really miss characters like Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors, and Mara Jade being in the actual Star Was. However, I do think it would be interesting if it turned out that Rey’s parents were actually Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors. But what do you think about that?

  1. I’m thinking that the first scene where Rey takes on the TIE Interceptor was just a Jedi training exercise. Why was she out there all alone, and why wasn’t it firing on her?

  2. *The* *Rise* *of* *Skywalker*

    I am a Jedi like my grandfather before me! ? The title is the spoiler.

  3. Chewie got his own medal! He had to put it on himself because he’s so tall. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!

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