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Simon Cowell VERSUS Gordon Ramsay
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It’s a battle of the bullies, Simon ‘Get Off The Stage’ Cowell vs Gordon ‘You’re Gunna Kill Someone’ Ramsay. Who has the greatest insults? What is the meanest or most offensive thing Gordon Ramsay has ever said? Does it compete with Simon Cowell’s best insults? We don’t really care who would win in an actual fight, Ramsay obviously because knives, but for this video we are comparing these English pop culture icons in areas like entertainment value, talent and of course, who is meaner. So join as we decide who is the better icon, Gordon Ramsay or Simon Cowell.

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  1. In my opinion. I give the edge to ramsay since he’s not afraid to drop profanity bombs on his poor victims. But it would be interesting to see how each one would perform if they switch roles.

  2. I would love to see Simon Cooking for Ramsay and Ramsay singing for Simon and watch both of my two favorite Brits cussing at eachother but also complementing eachother if either are good at singing and cooking

  3. They should judge each other. Gordon Ramsay should sing in front of Simon Cowell for him to judge and Simon Cowell should cook a meal for Gordon for him to judge and cuss at him.

  4. I feel like if I would want to be criticized by someone for doing something they should be able to do it better. Simon can’t even sing, but you can be darn sure that after Ramsay insults your dish he’ll show you what it means to be a chef with his own two hands.

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