So where has Shia LaBeouf been? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, it’s unlikely that you’ve never heard of him. Though his recent antics have been pretty uncouth, this Hollywood bad boy started out as many others tend to – warming the hearts of children and embarking on devilish adventures.


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  1. “He will not divide us” REEEEE”He will not divide us” REEEEE”He will not divide us” REEEEEShadilay brothers

  2. #Top10Archive 👍Good Video idea.. the cast of Saved By The Bell, Luke Perry & long lost 90’s punk group Blink 182

  3. Hello, the thing he said with “the sardines”, he take it from an interview of Éric Cantona, an old french professional soccer player. (Sorry for my english î’m french)

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