Russian Ambassador Assassination! 3 Need To Know Facts!

On December 19th, 2016, the Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was assassinated, sparking high tensions and serious questions involving what this means for the future of of relationship between the two countries, and the civil war in Syria. WatchMojo presents 3 facts you need to know about the assassination that occurred in Ankara. How will President Vladimir Putin respond? What is the next step for Turkey? What motivated the assassination? Watch to find out!

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  1. Fun fact: America created, funded and armed ISIS and other “moderate”
    rebels to overthrow Assad and destabilise the region. And 9/11 was a false
    flag Israeli and American operation to justify US invasions of Iraq and

  2. Türkey was not the orderer of this Assassination the orderer was FETULLAH
    GÜLEN who tried the coup of Türkish president with Police and Soldiers and
    he lives in USA Türkey is an Demokratic States. 2 days after this
    assassnation was congressional between Türkish and Russians administrators.
    Both neither the Türkish polices found book at his house about Fetullah
    Gülen and his uncle was an Feto officer. The folks here talk without

  3. leave Europe if ye European love your family, the shit is on the way to
    blast and spread all over our faces… pity that south America is messed up
    with corruption, Did you see that a lory crashed in a German market in
    Berlin? And now they are saying it was a terrorist attacks, I am very
    suspicious about these events nowadays, since a few people and I have
    cracked a few fake terrist attacks in USA, which were fabricated (by it’s
    own government)… The problem is that these fckrs kill people of their own
    country only for their profitable interest, people do anything for money,
    doesn’t matter what. I am just on the standby mode when these things
    happen, not listening to the “news”, but observing many other
    possibilities… Now I am sure that it make happen a few more of these
    events on Xmas and new year season.. let’s hope not. I will be one of the
    safest place to be, Africa and maybe Australia too, wherever they produce
    their own food is good

  4. ….. 1:50 WTF can you not call isis that….?
    this is so wrong for them to call them self that, they does not represent
    Muslims by any way and we feel ashamed for those suckers to name there self
    after our religion…..

  5. Terrorists must be killed.
    Those who are not will do such things to pay revenge.

    I hope our secret services can stop anyone, or the world will step in 2017
    with condolences for russian people.

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