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Brace yourselves! We’ve got some big news for you this week! A24 released the first full-length trailer to their horror film, It Comes At Night, diving deeper into its plot about an evil force sweeping through the world. The film is already being compared to The Witch and Get Out in terms of its intelligence! Neill Blomkamp fans will be upset to learn that his once highly-anticipated Alien 5 sequel is now dead according to Ridley Scott, and finally, after a ton of waiting, the trailer to Stephen King’s much buzzed about film, The Dark Tower dropped, and Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey look amazing in it. So sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s instalment of The CineFiles, where we count down the week’s biggest news in cinema.

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  1. Shit, Alien has been dead since Alien 3, fuckwit Scott who hasn’t made a good movie since the 80s should go into a retirement home. He fucked Prometheus and Covenant sounds very C grade. Old fart SF. Boring.

  2. Who gives a fuck about Neill Blomkamp? He only made like 3 movies in his entire life and none of them are good. I bet a billion bucks Neill’s planned Aliens sequel was going to be a ripoff of James Cameron’s Aliens. Another mindless action movie between Aliens and Colonial Marines. I hate how everytime you see Aliens and colonial marines encountering each other, too many Aliens get killed. Alien is a monster, it’s supposed to be strong and scary. An Aliens vs Colonial Marines movie wouldn’t expand the universe. I’m glad Ridley Scott is doing these Alien prequels because they bring in more into the Alien lore and expand the Alien universe. I trust Ridley Scott more since he’s the one who brought Alien to big screen.

  3. Here’s what I plan to do:
    1. Become a movie producer
    2. Greenlight Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5, and help with story/screenplay
    3. Don’t hire Ridley Scott (he gave up on him), Neill can direct
    4. Release this horror-scifi movie, and pray it can match up to the first Alien (and maybe Aliens)

  4. Ironically the Alien Covenant trailer played when I open this video… Then the actual video played.

  5. Alien belongs to Ridley Scott. Blomkamp saying he has a sequel pitch while Ridley is already making an Alien film is just disrespectful.

  6. Ridley hasn’t made a decent movie in decades. He’s just worried it will be better than his recent offering, which it would be.

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