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It’s the battle of the big phones: a shootout between the Pixel 3 XL from Google, the iPhone XS Max from Apple and the Galaxy Note9 from Samsung. When you compare specs and the overall experience between all three, which one reigns supreme? Join Marc Saltzman as he helps you make an informed decision between these three super phones.

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  1. So in the end it’s the Pixel 3XL vs iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy note 9 instead of the pixel 3 vs iphone xs vs samsung galaxy s9. Get the title right please!

  2. Oh, grow a backbone ffs. Dafuq was this? Watched for 8 min to hear ‘it’s all the same’? Why do these videos then? Dislike.

  3. Nice video!!! but the title is not OK. This are not comparing those specific phone versions, but the biiger XL, Note and Xs plus versions. These phone are in another league.

  4. lol I knew before watching, that they wouldn’t nail down a winner, as to not piss off fanbois/girls. Way to be daring WM. smh

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