Does THE LAST JEDI Suck? Petition to Remove from Canon Earns Over 45,000 Signatures – The CineFiles Ep. 52
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The CineFiles is celebrating its 1 year anniversary today! Thank you, Mojoholics! But, it looks like the dark side has infiltrated one of the entries in this week’s episode! Starting things off is the evil Pennywise in this year’s smash hit, IT. The horror flick is set to release a director’s cut of the movie sometime in 2018. After casting every major female actress in Hollywood, Ocean’s 8 finally dropped their first trailer, where the team looks to steal a very valuable necklace. And to finish things off, the dark side of The Last Jedi is emerging, or at least on the fan side, where a petition to remove Episode VIII from official Star Wars canon has earned over 50,000 signatures and counting. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s instalment of The CineFiles, where we count down to week’s biggest news in cinema.

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  1. Oh I am not seeing the Ocean 8 movie. Feminist extremism to the height. I suggest all men boycott this movie.

    The Last Jedi basically told the world that men are shit.
    The Ocean 8 is saying that men should be out of picture.

  2. I signed that shot cuz I want Disney to know that the bitch who is running this shit is making shit! Not cuz of the woman in this movie …. wait WTF just saw an all woman oceans 11 holy shit that’s a bad idea!!! Let’s just make a gender neutral movie fuckers!! That’s everyone oh I thought feminism was equality between both sexes guess not!! How does Hollywood pay for this!!

  3. The Last Jedi was probably the last Star Wars film I’m ever going to see. It was seriously shit. Plot has gone nowhere, no questions answered, Ray is still a poorly written Mary Sue, Leia can float through space now, Asian character inserted to pander to the Chinese audience, cringy dialog, trying to insert “funny moments” and imitating Marvel films etc. The film was such a piece of garbage.

  4. It is already done, dumbasses.
    The last jedi is canon as jar jar binks is.
    Deal with it.

  5. OK I’m very aware that this movie is split between fans but do we really need a freaking signature, Hell we might as well do this for the prequel‘s, screw it let’s do it for return of the Jedi

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