A devastating plane crash, a surprising rescue from a man’s feline best friend, and a father and son’s incredible survival at sea. Are these incredible stories the products of real events, or created just to throw you into a loop? Join us, as we decipher between fact.. or fiction.

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  1. The cat story isn’t farfetch’d, animals are known to aid people in distress or danger.
    Help a human and you’ll have nothing to hold, help an animal and it’ll return the favor 100 fold.

  2. I have a rare medical condition that can paralyze me. In my teen years it was really bad, I had a large scruf of a cat that would go get someone attention and bring them to me when I collapsed, then would refuse to leave my side till I was better. Broke my heart when I had to put him down due to cancer and really old age (he made it to 22 years).

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