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A collection of the top 20 best new songs for this week in USA, United Kingdom and Australia. We do our best to make quality videos that are family friendly and can be enjoyed by all family members including kids and younger audience.

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    • BigJuicyBear 98 ok then thank you though for handling this situation kindly and actually not like her other haters who goes on a whole new level of abrasiveness ??

    • I’m in no way doubting her skill as a performer or songwriter, her success speaks for itself. I myself quite enjoyed her early hits. But the new songs she put out (especially Look What You Made Me Do or whatever it’s called) are a disgrace and a pain to what she put in before. I personally wish for her to go back. I know evolvng is also part of music, but this reminds me rather of an atavism than anything else.

      As for my use of the word cancer, I think suffering from it allows you to use such a harsh comparison. Hence, my vile and aggressive manner to describe things…

      If I have offenden anyone with my comment, so be it, I apologise, but I will not change my mind on what I said.

    • BigJuicyBear 98 im sorry, and I’m saying this in the best and kindest way as possible but why do you think she’s a ear cancer causer, if I wasn’t mistaken you used the term cancer and Im sorry but you just can’t use real life problems to joke on. I do understand that it is indeed your opinion but in my opinion Taylor swift is still a beautiful and amazing singer/songwriter and performer, but please be careful with the words you use next time it might offend some people ??

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