Michael Jordan VS LeBron James
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Who’s the greatest basketball player of all time? Is it LeBron James? Is it Michael Jordan. The NBA has seen countless stars over the years, but the debate over which of these GOATS shines brightest has raged on for years and will continue to be talked about for years to come.

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  1. Yes, we know: Jordan’s got more championships and Lebron likely won’t match that. But if the knock against Lebron is the championships, you’re just encouraging James to sign with the Warriors.

  2. This is so stupid!!! I don’t agree at all. Personality should not be a category in this debate, we’re talking about who’s the best player, not the best person. In the defensive side, you can say that lebron is better but the video never mention that he also has a really big advantage in size, and mj also has many defensive plays in clutch moments (steal to malone in final minute of 1998 finals), they may not be remembered because they are overshadowed by the ofensive plays, but you can’t deny those plays exists. And the last category’s analisis is the most stupid of all, LeBron reaches 8 straight finals because there were little to no oposition in the east most of the years and that is evident in the finals when he has to faces strong teams of the west (3-5 in Finals), Jordan play against some of the best teams and players in history to reach those 6 finals (Thomas’ Pistons, Shaq’s Magic, Ewing’s Knicks, Miller’s Pacers, just to name a few) and finally, LeBron surpasses Jordan’s numbers in playoffs because he plays in more games, everything is out of context in that final category

  3. Jordan has more accolades all around. Offensively and defensively. Lebron is magic Johnson with better scoring ability. Do not disrespect the goat. Defensive player of the year. Lead the league in steals. 10 scoring titles. 5 MVPS. 6Finals MVPs.

  4. This has to be the worst debate ever. How do you state one guy had the better statistics and disregard that and give the edge to the lesser of the two. Must be a lebron Stan who put this video together.

  5. Except ya know jordan has 1 other good teammate. Jordan basically dismantled the other team single handedly. Lebron always had other great teammates. This is ridiculous. I mean look at their points per game stat. Look at Jordan’s defensive stats vs lebrons. Unless lebron pulls a rabbit out of a hat with a ridiculous season to boost his numbers they will never even be in comparison.

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