Marvel vs DC: Who Will Reign Supreme In 2019?
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Marvel reigned supreme in 2018, but which of the big two will dominate the world of comic books and all things related in 2019? We’re evaluating a wide range of categories to determine which of the big two seems poised to rule across various media in 2019.

Marvel vs. DC: Who Reigned Supreme in 2018?:

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  1. I honestly don’t know. On one hand we might get a new batman game/ dc game so dc might as well win that round. (Yes dc wins because if it’s anything like arkham it will be supreme)

    On the the other hand live action films clearly goes too marvel with end game, and captain marvel

  2. You do realize Captain Marvel is not as highly anticipated as you seem to think, seems like there’s a whole lot of expectations of it being Disney Marvel’s first disappointment.

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