Marvel vs. DC: Who Reigned Supreme in 2018?
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The Big Two had big years in 2018, but which comic book powerhouse comes out on top? We’ll be comparing the comics, live-action movies, tv shows, and animated films from both Marvel Comics and DC Comics that released in 2018 to determine who won the year.

Marvel VS. DC:

Justice League vs. The Avengers:

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  1. There is no comparison when it comes to marvel and dceu .marvel cleaned house and dominated with the black panther deadpool and the avengers infinity war .and dceu intentionally pushed back the release date of Aquaman so that it would not compete with the marvel heavyerights .as far as the comic books are concerned I live in city where they don’t have any comic book stores so I have to catch up .but as far as television is concerned cloak n dagger is the real deal and Daredevil is still solid .marvel needs to combine the heros for hire and put luke cage with iron fist because separately they can’t survive on there own .and as far as cartoons are concerned I don’t like all of these different spider mans but into the spider verse was a success so marvel is forever triumphent .Stan the Man lee forever and marvel forver

  2. Watch Mojo: “Lets start a D.C vs Marvel debate by putting a movie that literally came out a week ago Vs Three MCU’s movies. two of which were the most anticipated movies of the year.”

  3. Bruh, I’m pretty sure no one even watched this video and we all just clicked to state the obvious. Pointless ass video.

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