London Terror Attacks – 3 Need to Know Facts // Subscribe: // UPDATE: Since this video’s release the attack has unfortunately claimed the life of a fourth victim.
The terror attacks that shook up London on March 22, 2017 are the focus of the world’s as authorities try to figure out just what happened. WatchMojo presents 3 things you need to know about the terror attacks of London. How has the country responded? Who is responsible? How did the event take place? Watch to find out!

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  1. Jesus Christ! The more this happen the more people are going to support Trump.

    STOP IT, TERRORISTS! You are not making things better for anyone! >.<

  2. Islam isn’t a religion of peace. Then again, neither is Christianity…however in my view Christianity is a MORE peaceful religion, objectively speaking, simply because of the fact that the ‘prophet’ of Christianity – Jesus – was peaceful, and Muhammad – the ‘prophet’ of Islam…well…wasn’t. Fact.

    Moreover, Christianity has modernised, it has secularised, it has REFORMED. Christianity today works within a framework of secular laws that protect minorities that would otherwise be persecuted by the ideology of the church (gays, women etc). In Islam, this is not the case. Reform is out of the question. Secularisation is out of the question. No protections are offered, god’s word trumps all. And this goes not only for Muslim-majority countries but also Muslim communities here in the west.

    This is a problem, a serious problem, a problem western politicians seem to avoid like the plague. As we’ve seen with this attack, and so many others like it, this problem is one that cannot be fully solved through immigration reform, this is a civilisational question – the people who wish us harm are already here, living amongst more peaceful Muslims in western societies. How the hell do you take action against a threat like that?

    It’s too late.

  3. I think most terrorist attacks are by people how where born in that country but it’s just my thoughts not anyone else’s idea

  4. I have come to the conclusion that Watchmojo’s fanboys are mainly sensitive leftist fucktards and rightist ignorant pieces of trash. All you people in the comments have NO idea what you are talking about. No degree, no education, no brain cells… all a bunch of pathetic sheep that this Mojo channel has been breeding ever since it tried to step foot in the field of politics. The problem with freedom of speech is, you will find worthless fucking worms from both ends of the political spectrum, thinking that their opinion matters. Uneducated peasants like y’all should stay away from politics.

    • We need natural selection on these animals – I normally call them partisans, starting with the ones with the lowest IQs

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