Kevin Spacey Accused of Sexual Assault – Is His Career Over? – The CineFiles Ep. 45
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Did you hear that Thor: Ragnarok is set to shake up the box office in a major way? That Beyonce is joining the cast of The Lion King? What about the Kevin Spacey scandal? No? We’ve got you covered. Welcome to The CineFiles. A weekly show where we zoom in on the most buzz-worthy news Hollywood and the indie scene has to offer.

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  1. Soooo… where in the video did you address “Is His Career Over”? I mean that was in the title, right?

  2. Career over? Well, he could always run for office as a republican. Those people couldn’t care less.

  3. The reason to why the Kevin Spacey fallout is happening at this point in time is to stop house of cards from it’s continuity because of the content of season 5 of HOC and the strong message it had to offer especially on American politics.

  4. If it’s all true it would mean, that Kevin spent all of his life with sexual hatrasment… no, the “victims” want his money and a little bit of fame (for 15 minutes)

  5. I don’t care for Thor or Beyonce, I came to learn more about the Kevin Spacey story, and I didn’t get that. The title is about Kevin Spacey alone, and yet you talked about him for slightly more than a minute of the 5 minute video. To top it off, you only scratched the surface of the issue by regurgitating the most basic, widely-known facts. So what is this? Click bait?

  6. Clickbait garbage i will never watch your mojo again sorry but i m tried of video hordes like this. get a real job ya. title your videos better.

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